New Year New Me … or something like that .. right? 

Well, I’ve decided to share my fitness exploits here on Tumblr! Many people choose “fitness” as a new year resolution, and it’s an easy resolution to break. Trust! I know. One thing to remember when you take this journey is the idea that fitness should be fluid. 

Fitness should be fun and flexible. What many sites or trainers won’t adjust to is your budget, time, starting point, and will power. When it comes to your budget, I’ll talk about what I’ve been doing to eat healthy while bulking on a budget. In terms of time, we can talk about a 20-60 minute routine that will dramatically work your body. In terms of starting point, don’t be shy. We all have our beginnings, but you are never alone at the bottom. 

Will Power is a tough one to grasp, but you will find your own footing. Allow yourself to cheat! Allow yourself to enjoy the little things in life … like FRENCH FRIES or PORK BELLY! Remember, Fitness should be fluid! From the allowance of rewards for your accomplishments, to the routines you want to use for your fitness goal.

I am by NO MEANS A PROFESSIONAL. I am just an ordinary guy trying to enjoy the little things. So my blogging may NOT be a rapid means to achieving your goal. Regardless, I think it’s a unique approach that people who are looking for small changes can see big (though slow) results.  

Come along Fitness Fam! Let’s get it together! 


I suppose time changes everything. 

The worst thing it changes are people. One day they care, the next, they don’t. The reality is that one tries to preserve what was, while one tries and forgets … never realizing that what once was is now aging away. Withering. 

I feel that many of us are guilty of wanting to forget, but there are some who should mean enough that you wouldn’t. It feels as if I’m no longer a part of what you appreciate. Something lost with time.   

My Karma.  

Oh hello!

I can’t piece my thoughts together for this song … there’s some depth in it that is deeper than the metaphors in the lyrics … I CAN’T WRITE … 


Is it weird that someone you never knew existed before, can mean so much to you after you first meet?

Why we can’t get over them as quickly as we got on them is beyond my comprehension. 

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